SnookCam: Revolutionizing Snooker with its Unique Hawkeye Feature

SnookCam: Revolutionizing Snooker with its Unique Hawkeye Feature

Snooker has long been a game of skill, concentration, and precision. However, human error is an inevitable part of any sport, especially when it comes to officiating. Enter SnookCam, a cutting-edge solution that’s set to transform the snooker landscape with its all-in-one scoreboard, live-streaming capability, and groundbreaking Hawkeye feature.

User-Friendly Design

Connecting to SnookCam is a breeze. Once your device is connected to the SnookCam wifi, simply open the app, select your snooker table, and you’re ready to break! The app also includes a warning system for situations where a miss wouldn’t be called, helping to pre-empt any potential fouls.

Live Streaming Simplified

Going live on YouTube or other streaming platforms is now just a couple of clicks away. Live stream score labels also indicate the minimum number of balls to pot in order to win the frame. Additional stats like players’ pot success, average shot time, and highest breaks are displayed after each frame.

The Game-Changing Hawkeye Feature

SnookCam’s Hawkeye feature is truly revolutionary. It takes automatic still shots of the live situation, making it easier to return balls to their original positions after a faulty shot. The still shots appear as transparent pictures over the live video feed on either your tablet or mobile device, providing real-time guidance as you position the balls.

Unveiling SnookCam’s Components

The Hardware

SnookCam offers a comprehensive package to keep your game flowing smoothly:

  1. 10″ Android Tablet: Use it for score display right on the snooker table. You can either purchase this tablet directly from SnookCam or bring your own.
  2. Wifi Router: SnookCam’s dedicated Wi-Fi router ensures seamless connectivity.
  3. 1080p Full HD Cameras: The package includes two cameras. One is used for live streaming, while the other exclusively serves the Hawkeye feature.

Snookcam App

  • SnookCam Mobile App: Available for free download on the App Store and Google Play Store, this app can be installed on the score-display tablet and on any mobile device, which then doubles as a remote control for the system.

Where to Purchase SnookCam

If you’re excited to transform your snooker experience with SnookCam, you can purchase the entire system directly from the SnookCam website. With just a few clicks, you’ll be well on your way to a game-changing snooker experience!

SnookCam website


SnookCam’s innovative Hawkeye feature sets it apart as the first of its kind, speeding up play and minimizing disputes. Its user-friendly interface, robust hardware, and feature-rich software make it a must-have for snooker players and referees alike. Upgrade your snooker experience today with SnookCam and play the game like never before!

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